Liver Law is a law firm that specialises in Personal Injury Claims, Housing Disrepair Claims, Travel Delay Claims, Industrial Disease ClaimsMedical Negligence Claims, Cosmetic Negligence Claims, Dental Negligence Claims & Professional Negligence Claims on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis and Motoring Defence Law on a 'Fixed Fee' basis.

What makes us different is our company set up & our attitude towards our client's.

Liver Law is owned and managed by qualified Lawyers only.  Liver Law is one of the fewer law firms in the country that was founded & still is managed by Barristers and Solicitors only.  

Liver Law has taken advantage of the recent changes in legislation that allows Barristers and Solicitors to operate under one roof.

Liver Law does not have any external non-lawyer private equity investors like many other Law Firms in England & Wales; which focus on investment and return purely in a business sense.

Liver Law is a business however our mission is to provide a quality legal service and to always act in our client's best interest.  We do not risk quality or integrity for profit.  Our client's are our priority.

We are qualified, we are local and we represent local client's.  We approach each matter with our full attention and dedication and we aim to protect your interests and exceed your expectations.  Read more....

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