Success Stories

What Our Clients Say About Us

You have more than exceeded my expectations and I have received a far higher settlement than I imagined.

I very much appreciate your persistence and all the hard work you have carried out on my behalf in order to bring my claim to a successful conclusion.

Thank you for sorting this in a quick and friendly manner. Your advice at every step was really helpful.

Can I take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help with my case. without your guidance and knowledge, I would not have won my case.

A speedy process in comparison together firms I have used in the past. I received an efficient, professional and would highly recommend Liver Law.

Recent Success Stories

Road Traffic Accident - £25,000

We recently represented a teenager from Huyton who was knocked off scooter and we successfully recovered £25,000 for his injuries.

Liability was initially denied by the insurer, because the driver basically made up a completely different story. We believed our client and stuck with him and proved he was telling the truth. The insurer then tried to 'buy him' off with a £5,000 offer once it was established the driver was not telling the truth and we reached at £25,000 settlement.

Accident At Work - £100,000+

We represented a client from Widnes, who had crushed his hand when operating a lifting mechanism on a HGV, recovering over £100,000.

Accident In A Public Place - £18,000

We represented lady from Stockbridge Village who was knocked down when crossing a road in Whiston.  She suffered a knee injury.  We obtained an early liability admission and reached an £18,000 settlement for her injuries and arranged private surgery to aid her recovery.

Medical Negligence - £40,000

We represented lady from Huyton who underwent a knee replacement at Whiston Hospital.  The surgeon used the wrong size knee replacement causing her unnecessary pain and a further operation.  We successfully recovered in excess of £40,000.

Road Traffic Accident - Ruled In Client's Favour

We represented a client from Knotty Ash who was involved in an accident on the junction of Pilch Lane roundabout.  There was a discrepancy on the accident circumstances and positioning of the vehicles.  Both insurers wanted to settle the accident on a 50:50 basis.  Due to our local knowledge and understanding the roundabout and where each party was going properly we continued with the claim and successfully concluded the claim 100% in our client's favour.

Road Traffic Accident - Defence of Fraud Accusation

We represented a family from Netherley who were involved in a road traffic accident.  They were formally accused of fraud by the third party, without any evidence.  They were initially represented by another firm of solicitors who dropped them because of the fraud allegations, effectively because they didn't want the hassle.  The family were worried with the allegations made against them.  With being local they called in to the office and went through everything.  We could see that they were telling the truth and knowing the accident location area well and the reason and route to travel, everything was explained and we obtained a successful conclusion for all parties in the car.