Accident on Holiday

If you have suffered an accident, illness or injury while abroad you could be entitled to make a claim for injuries or losses resulting from that accident through our 'No Win, No Fee' policy.

Our Experience

When bringing a claim as a result of an accident abroad you need a representative with an interest and expertise in the area.

Liver Law has a wealth of experience in dealing with accident claims in different jurisdictions.

We have expert knowledge when making a claim following an accident, illness or injury:

  • During your travel whether by air or sea etc
  • During your stay at your accommodation such as hotel etc
  • On an excursion

Depending on how, when and where your accident happened different laws apply.  We have extensive knowledge with:

The Law

The Package Travel Regulations

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an accident or are injured on holiday, tour operators and holiday companies are obliged to adhere to the Package Travel Regulations which allow you to make a holiday compensation claim against your tour operator rather than a foreign defendant. The Package Travel Regulations also provide financial protection in the case of a company going out of business.

Montreal Convention

If you have been involved in an airport accident or injured on a plane, in most cases a personal injury claim can be brought under the Montreal Convention. The convention covers most accidents and injuries that occur after you have gone through passport control until you pass through passport control at your destination, including the flight itself.

Athens Convention

If you have an accident on a cruise ship and in most cases a personal injury claim can be brought under the Athens convention.


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