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We do not object to third-party websites providing links to our website but we do require compliance with the following conditions:

•         You may link to our home page only. You may not create links to any other page or file forming part of our website without our prior written permission.

•         Our pages must load into the user’s entire window and not load into frames on your website.

•         The logos on our website [Gray Law & Liver Law Trademarks] are proprietary trade marks of Gray Law Limited. Use of our trade marks or other intellectual property without our permission is expressly forbidden.

•         Your use of links to our website must not be used in a misleading or defamatory context. This includes establishing a link in a way that suggests that you have some association or relationship with us, or implies our approval or endorsement, where this is not in fact the case.

•         You use best practice when linking, eg avoid using vague terms such as 'click here', which do not inform the user that they are leaving the website and redirecting to our website. Instead, use clear wording alongside any link to our site, eg ‘For further information visit Gray Law Limited’s website’.

 We reserve the right to withdraw permission to link to our website at any time and, if we do so, you must remove all links and take such other action as we may reasonably require immediately.

Hyperlinking by us to third-party sites

It is our policy to obtain permission to link to third-party websites (where possible and required).

We are not responsible for the content, functionality or reliability of the linked websites. Our inclusion of links to third-party websites does not constitute an endorsement of the material published on those websites. To report a broken link, please contact [insert email address].

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