If you have been the victim of a violent crime within the last 2 years and suffered personal injury you could be entitled to make a claim for injuries or losses resulting from that accident through our 'No win No Fee' policy.

         Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

There is a government scheme called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) that provides compensation to victims or their families at following a violent crime.

          Scheme criteria

To make a successful CICA claim you must satisfy the criteria set out by the CICA.  In short you must be able to prove that you:

  • Were a victim of a violent crime
  • Report the matter to the police prompty
  • Fully cooperated with the police
  • Suffered a serious injury to warrant an award

          Our Service

Once your claim is accepted by Liver Law, we will:

  • Prepare and submit your CICA Claim
  • Liaise with CICA on your behalf
  • Consider any decision reached by the CICA 
  • Review any amount awarded
  • Advise you on any decisions which we feel are unsatisfactory
  • Consider any appeal process 

Victim of a Violent Crime? Not your fault?   We're here to help...

Criminal Injuries Compensation

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