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If you have suffered an injury by an animal within the last 3 years and suffered personal injury you could be entitled to make a claim for injuries or losses resulting from that accident through our 'No win No Fee' policy.

Animal owners/keepers are responsible for keeping their animals under control ensuring that they do not cause injury to others.

Common examples of claims involving animals are:

  • Animal bite injuries
  • Horse riding or horse handling accidents
  • An animal straying into the road and causing a car accident
  • Crushing or trampling injuries from larger animals
  • Psychological trauma caused by an accident involving an animal
  • Injuries as a spectator at an animal show 

Not only do animal attacks have a physical impact on the victim, they may also have mental and financial implications due to:

  • Loss of earnings as a result of not being able to work
  • The expense of medical treatment
  • The repair of your vehicle or other property if damaged by the animal
  • Counseling due to psychological trauma

It is of particular importance to you whether the animal’s owner is insured or has the means to pay any compensation awarded to you. It is very often the case that the claim will be covered by the owners home or pet insurance.

We will provide you with clear advice about what you can claim for and what will happen during the course of your claim. We have access to the best medical experts to allow us to ensure you are adequately compensated for your injuries. Our aim is to achieve the highest financial settlement for our client’s as well as treating every client with individual sensitivity. 

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